Sunny Coast first for cloth nappies

YMCA Sunshine Coast University Hospital Child Care Centre is the first child care centre on the Sunshine Coast to utilise modern day cloth nappies as part of their service to families.

“Our aim is to be more environmentally sustainable by reducing our landfill,” said Anita Corney, Centre Director at Sunshine Coast University Hospital Child Care Centre.

“Our centre has a policy that nappies are changed every two hours, and we have a large number of children enrolled at the service. Therefore, cloth nappies became a far more suitable option for our environmental sustainability practices,” Anita continued. “We feel it is our responsibility to ensure that we reduce our impact on the environment and lead by example with families, other child care services and the community.”

Cottontail Nappy Service is providing the centre with specific nappies that include the centre logo for identification within their factory, to ensure that the centre only utilises their own nappies.

“Cottontail will hygienically launder the nappies daily whilst maintaining environmentally friendly practice,” Anita continued.

Rosemary Covey from Cottontail Nappy Service is thrilled to partner with the YMCA on this project. “We are so proud to have this beautiful child care centre be the first on the Coast to cloth with us,” Rosemary said. “We hope it is the first of many child care services that make the switch to hygienic, environmentally friendly cloth nappies.”

Written by kidsonthecoast

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