The new program inspiring healthy eating in kids

OzHarvest recently launched a new primary education program called FEAST, aimed at inspiring healthy eating in kids.

FEAST (Food Education and Sustainability Training) is a year 5 and 6 curriculum aligned education program, inspiring kids to eat healthy, waste less and be change makers in their local community. Like any good FEAST, it’s designed to be fun, engaging and filled with good food! The FEAST program runs for 7-10 weeks and is aligned to the Australian Curriculum STEM Learning Areas. The program can be adapted and changed to suit your school’s needs. FEAST gets kids immersed in hands-on cooking activities in the classroom (no kitchen required). Students are tasked with exploring and designing their own recipes for their ‘School Cookbook’ to address food waste prevention and healthy eating while educating and engaging their community.

Inspiring healthy eating in kids, and to waste less food and become change-makers in their local community!

Did you know that:

  • One child in every classroom goes to bed or school hungry every day.
  • Nationally, one in four children are overweight or obese and many do not eat enough fresh fruit and veg, which affects how they learn at school and can lead to poor physical and mental health.
  • Half of all food wasted comes from the home. So, we can all be part of the solution, starting TODAY!


Image credit: Lucy Leonardi



Written by kidsonthecoast

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