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YOU: How to reclaim your life after baby

Trying to reclaim the real you, the you before you had a baby? Getting your life back on track after birth is not easy but there are ways to rediscover yourself ...

Family Health

Treatment options for bed-wetting

If you’ve got a consistent bed-wetter, here is some insight into the problem and treatment options based on research.

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When breastfeeding doesn’t work out

We’re all aware that “breast is best”…as long as everything goes smoothly. The message is designed to help parents avoid being fooled into thinking that formula is better, but it’s a...


6 Things I Wish I Knew Before Falling Pregnant

Pregnancy is a special and amazing time in a woman’s life, however there are six things I wish I knew before falling pregnant.

Life Stories

Renee Cook – Renee’s Goodies

Noosa mum Renee Cook never imagined that her own struggles with breastfeeding her sons would lead to the creation of a thriving business. Renee now helps mums all over Australia with her range of...


What a new Mum really wants

Forget the onesies and flowers, what a new Mum really wants is support, friendship and practical help around the home.

Parenting Files

6 Things Not to Say to a New Mum

Visiting a new Mum and her baby is exciting however there are a few topics of conversation and words you should NEVER say. We’ve put together a list of six things not to say to a new Mum.

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6 things not to say to a Mum who's had a Caesarean

The last thing any mother who has given birth via caesarean wants to hear are these 6 things. Take note.

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Baby, don’t eat that!

Babies love to touch things, look at things, smell things, hear things and of course taste things! Here are some tips and tricks to help mouthing.

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Preparing Your Child For a New Sibling

Having another baby spells a time of great change for your family and can make older siblings a little worried or uncertain. Here are a few tips on how to prepare them.

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Antenatal Classes for Dads

The brainchild of midwife and father-of-3 Dale Ballentine, is an antenatal class for dads-to-be held in a local Brisbane pub. Dale joins us to share his unique approach to antenatal classes...


Breast is best…. we know

Our resident radio personality Simone Bell shares her views on the breastfeeding debate.