Spring-time skincare for busy mums

Oh Mama… we are tired, we are coming out of winter, our skin has been bundled up in jeans, jumpers and masks. We’ve washed our hands a hundred times each day. Suffice to say, our skin is crying out for some TLC and major skincare!

So how do we get our skin back to its healthiest and ready for summer, when we are always so short on time?

Skin Cancer Doctor Matthew Power and Dermal Clinician Phoebe Pickering from the Gold Coast Skin Centre  are here to answer your questions on how to get your skin summer ready.

What tips do you have for shedding the ‘winter skin’, and addressing those common skin concerns that often flare up in the cold months (acne, inflammation, dry skin, rosacea)?

Phoebe: A skin routine using products specific for your skin’s condition and type are the best way to revitalise your skin health as the seasons warm up. Using a gentle exfoliation is essential for encouraging your skin cell turnover and keeping your skin naturally youthful.

The best thing you can do is to arrange a complimentary consultation where we can assess your skins condition, establish your skin goals and together create a realistic and targeted plan for achieving the skin you deserve!

How can busy mums best maintain their skin health to ensure their skin is strong and prepared for the summer months?

Phoebe: Busy mums benefit from potent effective medical-grade products like a topical vitamin A, B & C that support optimal skin functioning, and cellular revitalisation. We recommend Synergie Skin products that harness clean science to deliver clinically effective results at home.

What products do you recommend for sun protection and skin health?

Phoebe: My two must have products are vitamin C in the morning and Uber Zinc. Topical vitamin C is a great way to fight environmental damage that leads to premature ageing and unwanted pigmentation. Synergie Skin Uber-zinc is a hydrating moisturiser with zinc oxide and antioxidants that also provides protection from sun exposure and environmental damage.

We all look tired after a stressful winter of lockdowns and cold. What can mums do to rejuvenate their appearance and improve fine lines after the winter months?

Phoebe: Skin Needling, also known as Collage Induction Therapy, is my number one recommended treatment for reducing fine lines and to revitalise tired, dull looking skin. It is non-invasive, with minimal downtime, and only takes 45 minutes to achieve radiant and glowing skin whilst improving skin elasticity, hydration and improving the skins appearance.


Is there anything that can be done repair existing sun damage and improve pigmentation?

Phoebe: Yes! Chemical peels are a great way to rejuvenate your skins health and reduce the appearance of sun related pigmentation. A series of professional chemical peel treatments work from the inside out to restore your skin’s healthy functioning, and reduce visible pigmentation from sun damage. And then using cosmeceutical products prescribed by your Skin Therapist at home to help prevent fine lines and prematurely aged skin.



Skin cancer checks are a vital part of skin health. Why is it important to get a skin check before summer starts?

Matthew: Skin checks are like any other medical check-up, and just as essential. They give us a chance to look for any nasty skin lesions you might already have, and to manage them before they become really problematic. It also gives us an opportunity to talk about ways you can avoid developing skin cancer in the future. I’m a child of the 70’s, and I reckon you can’t go past the ol’ Slip, Slop, Slap for skin cancer prevention.

And the beginning of summer is an ideal time of year to book a skin check in – let the warmer days and the lovely extra sunlight be a prompt to look after your skin and yourself!”


What would you say to a busy mum who always puts their own skincare to the bottom of the to-do list?

Phoebe: Prevention and consistence is the key to healthy skin. Investing five minutes a day to nourish and protect your skin with medical grade products is a quick and effective way to achieving, and maintaining optimal skin functioning and prevent those unwanted signs of tired dull skin and ageing.

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Written by Angela Sutherland

After spending many years hustling stories on busy editorial desks around the world, Angela is now mum of two little ones and owner/editor at Kids on the Coast / Kids in the City. She is an atrocious cook and loves cutting shapes to 90s dance music.

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