Profile: Harmony Early Learning Journey – Gold Coast

A new Gold Coast early learning centre opens its doors in Hope Island in January 2021, offering an impressive programme for children aged from birth to five years.

Harmony Early Learning Journey – located on Halcyon Way, Hope Island, Gold Coast – provides 12 age-specific studios and a dedicated shared art studio.

“At Harmony, we nourish and encourage your child to continue becoming the very person they are meant to be.”

Rather than just teach, Harmony Early Learning aims to collaborate with each child and family to provide an extraordinary environment of learning.

Its contemporary learning framework helps kids be strong, confident, happy and healthy – in both mind and body. Most of all, the Gold Coast childcare centre provides a calm and peaceful place for young children to build confidence in themselves and their abilities.

“We create learning opportunities through rich environments that foster development and prepare your child for their school years.”

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By Justine Reilly

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