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Noosa Christian College Logo  Noosa Christian College, Cooroy is set on a beautiful rural campus in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast. Offering a co-educational stream of classes from Kindergarten to Year 12, the College is known for its strong community and a secure, nurturing environment for students.

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Building Pathways

At Noosa Christian College, we are the very essence of a Small School with a Big Heart.

We believe that the success of your child is dependent upon the development and nurturing of positive and proactive relationships and partnerships between our staff, yourself and your child.

Our College provides students with opportunities to pursue success along a variety of pathways, be they spiritual, academic, physical, artistic, emotional or social.

Student at Noosa Christian College

Building a Future

The focus of our curriculum and extracurricular activities is upon equipping all learners with the necessary knowledge and skills to be active, adaptable, confident and positively contributing members within the ever-changing 21st Century landscape.

Our aim is for our students to make a positive difference in the world. Both now and in the future, creating a rewarding and purposeful life.

Building Resilience, Persistence and Problem Solving Skills

Our children may face stress, anxiety, uncertain futures, a fast paced lifestyle and peer pressure. This can greatly affect their decision making and wellbeing. At our school, we focus upon the development of life skills that nurture resilience, persistence and problem solving to enable flexibility in thinking and making good choices.

Our College engages learning through holistic programs and activities that build the Mind, Body and Heart of each individual.

Building a Sense of Belonging

At our College, we view each child as an individual who has the options of traveling along various learning pathways to maximise their personal potential.

Our team of experienced educators will work with you and your child to optimise their opportunities for success. Your child can undertake a seamless learning journey. Being supported by our education team, from Kindy to Year 12.

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Building Relationships

Our mission is to actively build relationships and provide every student with a holistic education. Engaging them in a community of faith and learning so that they develop character, values and skills for life.

The values of respect, responsibility, effort, compassion, service and integrity underpin everything that we do. And provide clear guidelines and expectations for how each person acts and interacts with each other.





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