Follow your intuition: Understanding the power of intuitive healing

Amidst the turmoil of her husband’s unexpected passing in 2020 and the challenges of the COVID pandemic on her professional life, musculoskeletal therapist Olivia Slater courageously embarked on a transformative journey as a medical intuitive.

Today, in 2023, she has become a beacon of healing, offering extraordinary and compassionate therapy sessions. We sit down with this remarkable Gold Coast mother of three to find out more about her inspiring story and the empowering path she has chosen to follow.


What is intuitive healing?

Through one-on-one coaching, I help you to unpack emotional and physical baggage that is no longer serving you. When physical ailments and illnesses show up, it’s an invitation to dig deeper to understand more about ourselves and to listen to what our body needs. The more we ignore or push away these signs our body offers us, the more we are invited to take action.

Many individuals remain unaware of the profound impact that past trauma can exert on both their physical and metaphysical well-being. They’ve got ongoing physical ailments and illnesses that they can’t shift, or there’s a blockage in their life that they can’t quite put their finger on.

Throughout my practice, I have encountered diverse cases—from individuals struggling with fertility issues, broken bones, and chronic illnesses to bronchitis and irritable bowel syndrome—illustrating the profound interconnectedness of physical and emotional health.

At the initial consultation, people often have no inkling that the root cause lies in their past traumas. Together we carefully delve into these deep-seated issues of traumas embedded within the physical body.


How does trauma present?

Trauma presents itself in various forms and circumstances, encompassing both sudden and childhood experiences. Sudden traumas may arise from events like relationship breakdowns, violence, illness, or grief. On the other hand, childhood traumas can emerge from unmet needs during crucial developmental stages.
The process of healing revolves around acknowledging these events and delving into the emotions they evoke. Frequently, individuals grapple with feelings of abandonment, fear, a sense of lost innocence, or diminished freedom. Although confronting such emotions can be emotionally weighty and require vulnerability, it is within this space that true transformation occurs. By exploring and processing these feelings, individuals can embark on a journey towards healing and growth.


Woman Walking on Path Towards Sunlight

Intuitive healing may help you clear blockages in your life. Credit: Unsplash


What sparked the move to intuitive healing for you?

During my childhood, I endured the terrible experience of sexual abuse, and in 2020, I faced the unexpected and devastating loss when my partner passed away shortly after being diagnosed. The suddenness of this event left me as a single mother to our three children, all while grappling with the additional challenge of losing my job due to the COVID pandemic. It felt as though everything I had known was torn away, leaving me with a profound sense of helplessness and lack of control.

To navigate through this immense grief and upheaval, I made a conscious choice to channel my emotions into productive outlets rather than allowing them to consume me. Witnessing how grief could overwhelm others, I made a vow to myself and my children that I would approach it differently, seeking ways to process my feelings constructively.

My life experiences have provided me with a deep understanding of trauma and grief. I have personally confronted the need to reassess and rebuild my life, both as a result of my childhood trauma and the sudden changes as a single parent.

Throughout this journey, I have found strength and solace in my unwavering belief that anyone can achieve remarkable transformations if they are genuinely committed to unlocking the barriers that hinder their progress. With this profound commitment, I strive to help others tap into their inner resilience and overcome their obstacles, no matter how daunting they may appear.


What is your experience in therapy?

I have six years of experience as a musculoskeletal therapist. Working so intensively with people and the physical body, I could always sense that there was something deeper. I was seeing people with reoccurring injuries, and I just kept thinking and feeling that there must be something deeper going on. However, my training didn’t really allow me the tools to go deeper. So after my husband had passed away, I came across a medical intuitive with whom I did a year’s training. Combining both disciplines now, I offer a comprehensive and insightful healing approach.


How do you combine both physical and intuitive healing into one session?

Through my practice, I’ve discovered that extensive physical intervention is often unnecessary. Drawing upon my honed intuition, I can sense when unresolved issues require deeper exploration.

Many times, individuals simply need to confront and sit with the emotions linked to their traumas or fears—such as abandonment or feeling unsafe. This process becomes an additional avenue for healing, leading to remarkable transformations in both their physical well-being and overall life.

Olivia Slater Intuitive Healer Gold Coast

Olivia Slater, Intuitive Healer, Gold Coast






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