Queensland Children’s Week: two new books launched to celebrate play

For the first time, a Brisbane-headquartered not-for-profit is launching two children’s books focused on play as we mark Queensland Children’s Week 2023 (21-29 October).

Play is scientifically proven to assist a child’s development, and the picture books help celebrate the many ways it can be incorporated into everyday activities.

Let’s Play and I Can’t Wait to Play! written by Queensland authors Karen Tyrrell and Dannika Patterson, explore the fun of play – from peekaboo, singing, baking, and reading to grocery shopping, crossing the road, and even cleaning up.

The books are aimed at children under five and have been commissioned and published by not- for-profit Play Matters Australia as part of its 50-year celebrations.

Play Matters Australia’s CEO Penny Creamer said the books are a fun way to promote play as a cornerstone of early childhood development.

“The first 1000 days of a child’s life are a critical period for their development, and play is essential for nurturing children’s brain development. Play is where children and adults alike find joy, and it’s the gateway to learning, growth, and development,” Ms Creamer said.

“The picture books perfectly embody the theme of Children’s Week 2023, Article 31 – Children have the right to relax, play, and take part in activities they enjoy. These books share the joy of play and celebrate its benefits, and we are thrilled to bring them to young readers and families across the nation.”

Family Reading New Books Let's Play for Queensland Children's Week

Family reading Let’s Play book for Queensland Children’s Week


Play, Praise, and Consistency underpin the books and Play Matters Australia’s award-winning Sing&Grow program.

From dressing up to pulling faces and bubble baths, Dannika Patterson’s I Can’t Wait to Play! explores how play helps young children learn, develop, and grow.

“Inside or out. Grey skies or blue, life’s more fun when we play, it’s true! Why do we play the whole day through? Play is the work kids need to do!”

Karen Tyrrell’s Let’s Play celebrates the countless opportunities to play at home or out and about.

“Bounce, bounce, bounce on knees. Let’s bounce and count together. Pack, pack, pack away, Let’s pack away together. Splash, splash, splash away. Let’s splish and splash together.”

Children’s Rights Queensland (CRQ) has teamed up with Play Matters Australia to distribute 500 copies of the books to playgroups that register Children’s Week celebrations on the CRQ website. Let’s Play and I Can’t Wait to Play! are partially funded by the Department of Social Services.

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