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Innovative loose parts play redefines Prep playtime at Sunshine Beach State School

Prep teacher Kellie Moody has enthusiastically introduced an innovative play approach called Loose Parts Play for the Prep children at Sunshine Beach State School.

Kellie developed a keen interest in Loose Parts play, engaging in her research and extending her deep understanding of the benefits of play for children. Loose Parts Play fosters creativity, imagination, communication and collaboration. This play initiative provides open-ended play experiences through various materials and encourages children to explore their creativity without constraints.

Kellie explains, “At Sunshine Beach State School, we believe in hands-on learning, and ‘Loose Parts Play’ is a perfect example. It’s amazing to see how our little innovators can turn simple materials into imaginative worlds.”

Loose Parts Play involves providing children with an assortment of open-ended items such as fabric, cardboard, crates, tubes, and other everyday objects, referred to as loose parts. These items can be combined, moved, and transformed in various ways, allowing children to build, create, and experiment as they see fit.

The primary goal is to stimulate children’s imaginative thinking and problem-solving skills. Students can develop their critical thinking, fine and gross motor skills, communication abilities, and social skills by engaging with these open-ended materials. This approach encourages children to think creatively, adapt their play environment, and collaborate with their peers.

Sunshine Beach State School has set aside a dedicated space within its Prep playground to facilitate Loose Parts Play. During class time and play breaks, students can explore and interact with these materials freely, allowing them to engage in self-directed, creative play.

Students Enjoying Loose Parts Play at Sunshine Beach State School

Students enjoying loose parts play at Sunshine Beach State School


“We want to thank Noosa Council, Peita Otterbach, the Waste Education and Sustainability Officer and Mitch from Reviva at the Doonan Resource Recovery Centre for donating loose parts to our school. Loose Parts Play is a great way to be genuinely sustainable, recycling old junk into magical resources that can be used over and over again in a myriad of ways.”

Prep students have embraced Loose Parts Play enthusiastically, engaging in imaginative play scenarios that include building time machines, creating businesses, going fishing, and embarking on virtual world travels. This type of play fosters creativity and helps students develop essential life skills, such as negotiation, adaptability, and problem-solving.

The Loose Parts Play initiative at Sunshine Beach State School, led by Kellie Moody, embodies the school’s commitment to holistic education, providing an environment that nurtures creativity, imagination, and collaboration.

Sunshine Beach State School is currently taking enrolments for all year levels. Please contact the school on 5474 6333 to find out more.

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