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Keen Kids: How to raise healthy children? Use their natural curiosity through story, song, games & answers for parents & educators.

During her medical career, Dr. Alex has learned that the majority of chronic conditions could be prevented if people would be able to live a simpler and healthier lifestyle. Young families however often struggle to implement this advice as our modern society offers too many distractions and temptations. Children in particular are vulnerable to the marketing strategies that surround them and quite often parents are stressed and tired of the daily battle.

However, children have a natural curiosity when it comes to their bodies and its function. All children go through the stage of asking lots of ‘why’ questions. This is the perfect window of opportunity to explain the basic concepts of what the body needs and also to provide them with simple but correct background information.

To make this task easier for kids and adults, Dr. Alex, an Australian General Practitioner, wrote the book ‘Charlie the keen kid’, which has four parts:

  • The story about Charlie – parents can read this with their children
  • A song about keen kids – everything is more fun with music
  • A brain game – to reinforce the messages in a playful way
  • Answers for parents and educators – so adults are not stuck for answers

Combined with an educational game on their website, as well as online ordering, Keen Kids Education can reach families and educators all over the world.


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By Tanya Nissen
Tanya is mum to two teenage girls and is the Production Manager for Kids on the Coast/ Kids in the City. She has experience working in the print & digital publishing industry for a number of years with skills in keeping the production schedule organised, social media and website design. When not being taxi-Mum to her girls, Tanya enjoys camping, reading, digital scrapbooking and boating. Kids on the Coast is a free family magazine whats on guide for Kids: things to do, school holiday fun and free activities for kids... Fun attractions, family food & travel, kids health & wellbeing, kids parties venues, parenting, pregnancy & babies, guide for parents. Servicing Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and beyond, Kids on the Coast is an online guide for parents with kids things to do with kids, schools and education and lifestyle news located on Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast & Brisbane, QLD.

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