8 easy ways to turn reluctant readers into literacy legends

Think reading is a chore reserved for quiet corners and bedtime stories? Think again! Reading adventures can be woven into the fabric of everyday life, transforming mundane tasks into exciting quests and turning reluctant readers into literacy legends.

Even if your child may never be the ‘bury their head in a book’ kid, they still need to practice and continuously improve their early literacy skills. Here are some tips on how to sneak some literacy fun into everyday activities.


8 easy ways to turn reluctant readers into literacy legends

1. Shopping spree

Prepare for a grocery shopping adventure by creating a treasure map… I mean, grocery list! Let your little captain choose and write down the necessary ingredients, adding a “treat island” item for extra motivation. Transform them into a reading detective, deciphering store signs and ingredient labels to find the hidden treasures.

2. Culinary capers

Unleash your inner chef with a family cooking extravaganza! Let your child choose the recipe and embark on a reading quest to find all the ingredients. Turn them into a master measurer, following the recipe’s instructions and learning the magic of converting cups to grams. Remember, reading the recipe is key to culinary success!

3. Storytime on the go

Traveling doesn’t have to mean a break from reading! Borrow books about your destination from the library and let your child become a junior travel guide. Spark their imaginations with online research, discovering where they’ll stay and the local hidden gems. From reading about native animals to finding the best ice cream stores, every search expands their vocabulary and knowledge base.

4. Pop culture pow!

Unleash the power of graphic novels and comics! Borrow exciting stories from the library and let your child become a visual detective. These vibrant pages combine captivating narratives with engaging illustrations, helping them develop crucial visual literacy skills while decoding the storyline and comprehending the plot.

5. Factastic fun!

Does your child have a passion for surfing, horses, or skateboarding? Turn their interests into reading fuel! Explore the non-fiction world with biographies, surfing guides, or even magazines. Your local library is a treasure trove of information, offering books and eMagazines on every subject imaginable, waiting to be discovered.

6. Snail mail shenanigans

Reintroduce the magic of letter writing in our digital age! Encourage your child to write letters to relatives, practising writing and drawing skills while strengthening those cherished connections. Turn it into a family game with “chain mail,” where each family member writes about their week, creating a unique time capsule to cherish for years.

7. Sneaky screen time

Feeling overwhelmed by screen time? Turn it into a reading opportunity! Challenge your child to watch their favourite shows with captions on – sneaky reading practice without them even realising it!

8. Car capers

Long car journeys don’t have to be a battle against boredom. Reimagine classic car games with a reading twist! Decipher signs together, create silly stories based on license plates, or embark on an alphabetical adventure, finding words starting with each letter.


For more great literacy tips, head into your local Sunshine Coast library!


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By Angela Sutherland
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