Signs your child is struggling at school

As parents, all we want is for our kids to be happy at school. To come home, excited to tell us about their day, and see them thriving and growing in the classroom. Sadly, for many kids, school is not such a walk in the park. And it’s common for kids to struggle at some point. But sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint exactly when. Rochelle Callard from leading tutoring service Numberworks’nWords in Sippy Downs shares her expertise on the signs to look for when your child is struggling at school. And, as parents, what we can do.


Signs your child is struggling at school

Refusing to discuss school

Not all children have the same attitude and behaviour towards school. Some enjoy it, while others encounter more challenges that make it difficult for them to enjoy school. If your child is hesitant or reluctant to talk about school or how their school day went, it can be a sign that they are struggling at school. It is important to make sure that kids retain a positive attitude towards school and are comfortable expressing their challenges and weaknesses. Start a conversation with them and discuss how they are going at school, any concerns or struggles they may have, and what they enjoy.

A change in attitude about school

A positive attitude towards school and education is integral to a positive experience. Enthusiasm can ebb and flow, but if you notice a major change in attitude, or your child suddenly becomes distant or angry towards school, this is certainly cause for concern.

Your child might try to avoid school or begin to complain about boredom, which may stem from difficulty in keeping up in the classroom. Or they may already know the material being taught and need extension work. It is important to always dig a little deeper to find the cause, and support them in every way you can, whether it’s asking for extension work or enrolling in after-school tutoring to enhance their skills.

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Teacher concerns

Teachers play a significant role in children’s lives. They are responsible for educating our kids at school and ensuring our little ones are on the right track. It can be tempting to dismiss a teacher’s feedback about your child, especially if what they are saying is different from what you have always known your child to be. However, if the teacher believes that your child is struggling at school, pay attention to their concerns. Take some time to discuss with your child and their teacher the options available to help them.

Low confidence and grades

Confidence is a key component of a child’s success and development in school. As parents, we want to believe the best about our children. And so it is important that they attend school with confidence and aim to achieve the best possible results. An important sign to look out for is their confidence and grades. If your child is lacking self-confidence and motivation, especially to complete their homework, this is a sign that they are struggling or finding the work challenging. This may be accompanied by, or lead to, the occasional poor grade. Though this may not be an immediate cause for concern, a continuous pattern of low grades could be a sign that your child is struggling. Sit your child down and come up with a plan to help restore their confidence, and support them and their academic needs.


What you can do if your child is struggling at school

The support and encouragement you provide your child when they face struggles and challenges in school can make a huge difference. Both in their attitude and behaviour towards school. The NumberWorks’nWords program is designed to get students on track and enjoying their lessons. It also helps them boost their learning confidence. If you would like to learn more about the NumberWorks’nWords Maths and English tutoring programmes, get in touch or book a free assessment.

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