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Why kids should continue swimming lessons in winter

Do your kids stop swimming lessons in winter? It’s time to tumble-turn that habit, because it is crucial for kids to continue swimming in the cooler months. Chris Shapland from Shapland Swim Schools tells us why.

As the winter months approach, many families put their children’s swimming lessons on pause. But why? We are here to bust some myths, as swimming lessons are crucial during these cooler months.

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Safety first

Swimming is a life-saving skill, and the process of learning this skill involves repetition.

Keeping up with swimming lessons enables kids to continue to build their swimming abilities. Plus, with cooler weather outside, opportunities to practice their swim skills become scarce, making structured classes their only aquatic activity each week. Also, skipping swim lessons could result in the need for children to relearn forgotten skills and regain their confidence, which they had built in the previous summer.

It’s toasty warm!

If the weather outside is a concern, don’t worry! Most learn-to-swim facilities are specifically designed for year-round swimming. With a well-heated pool and an enclosed facility, both you and your child are kept toasty warm in a temperature-controlled environment.

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It’s great for immunity

Another rumour around winter swimming is that it can lead to a child catching a cold. Which is completely untrue! The reality is that viruses that cause these illnesses can be transmitted anywhere in a public space, and the key to protecting against them is having a robust immune system. And what better way to strengthen the immune system than through consistent physical activity like swimming?

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5 tips for happy swimming lessons in winter

  1. To make getting into the pool as smooth as possible, change kids into their togs at home and then bundle them up in a nice warm towel for the journey to the pool. This can also help get kids excited and put them in the right frame of mind for their upcoming lesson.
  2. Prepare a swim bag ahead of time, to ensure nothing is forgotten. Include a change of clothes, towel, swimming gear and extra layers.
  3. If your child has swimming lessons in the evening, pack their pyjamas too! When the lesson is over, they can shower and jump into the PJs, saving time when you get home and giving them some extra downtime before dinner and bed.
  4. Have some snacks to hand for after the lesson to keep kids satisfied until you make it home.
  5. Even though your child may be nice and warm in the pool, and then changed into cosy dry clothes, a blanket in the car can be a lovely thing for them to snuggle into on the way home.
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