Hey, Mama! Make looking after yourself a priority this year

It’s the toughest part of your day, looking after yourself, the woman behind the mum. But making yourself a priority is vital.

You wake up at crazy hours of the morning, you are either tending to a wee-soaked bed, a crying baby or the lack of routine has genuinely thrown out any chance of a decent sleep.

You’re still half asleep but you manage to feed hungry mouths, pack lunches, dress bodies and make sure everyone is ready for their day – sometimes even your other half! You get the kids day off to a decent start, they are fed, clothed, teeth brushed, the washing is on, the kitchen is tidied, you can see the floor because all the toys have been put away into their respective areas and before you know it, it’s time to do it all over again! But where in this day did you fit in, well, you?

It is so easy to get caught up in the intense go-go-go that is the daily life of a mum. But if I were to ask you, do you find time to feed the kids? Do you find time to tend to their needs, to make sure they are living a healthy and quality life, what would your answer be? Of course it would be YES! So, why aren’t you a priority, too!? They need YOU to be looked after, right?

Too often I hear mums tell me that fitting in exercise is too hard, they don’t have time because they have kids. Fitting in time to care for your body and make sure you are getting what you need to live a healthy and quality life is just as important as the kids because if you don’t do it and your health and energy deteriorates, what use will you be to your family?

I am going to give you a perfect example of an ‘Express Mummy Circuit’. This is a workout that can be completed in any home. All you need is 30 minutes a day (or less) and I promise you will be on your way to feeling healthier, more energised and feeling so much better about yourself!

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– Repeat at least two times, without rest in between exercises.

2 mins jogging on the spot OR skipping

(get those feet moving! Raise that heart rate & get yourself puffing!)

2 mins squats

(Feet shoulder width apart – From a standing position, bend knees until they are at 90 degrees, stand up and repeat)

2 minutes push-ups

(off wall, from knees on floor, or full off toes! Keep that back straight and abs tight)

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2 minutes crunches

(Lying flat, knees bent, feet flat on the floor. Keeping shoulders off of the floor, extend arms to touch knees, and repeat!)

It is important that you motivate yourself to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It’s not about losing massive amounts of body weight at a time, or achieving incredible bodybuilding material results. It’s about focusing on yourself, for one small time slot each day to ensure you are staying healthy for yourself and your family – for the long run. By introducing this small amount of activity every day, you are drastically minimising future chance of bone or muscular injury due to increased bone and muscle strength. You are also greatly reducing the chance of heart related illnesse and your body fat will decrease, reducing excess strain on major body organs. You will become a better you!

So, turn up your favourite tunes, PUMP UP THE VOLUME and remember that 30 minutes is yours every day. Make YOU your priority because without you your family’s life will be very different.


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