Sept/Oct issue – out NOW!

Time for a confession. 
I’m h-o-p-e-l-e-s-s with money.

I try to save, I like to spend, 
and the thought of putting together a budget makes my head spin. Plus, home learning recently proved how terrible my maths skills are! (Year 6 maths and I are not friends!)

With so many families and small businesses worrying about making ends meet this year, I’ve been reminded that having a financial plan is imperative.

So, dust off your calculator, because this is our Family Finances issue!

We’ve called in the experts from Your First Home Co. to explain the many ways families can buy their first home and grow their financial security through property. Yup, even for those who think it’s an impossible dream.

We have tips from Evolve Accounting & Advice on how to set up a family budget without losing your mind in the process. And the clever peeps at Financial Basics share the essential rules to teach your teens about money.

Plus, with kids’ activities happily coming out of lockdown (yay!) and the smell of spring in the air, we also have the region’s best family friendly events for September and October.

And, as always, the issue is packed with the region’s latest news, reviews and more.

Have a fabulous spring!

Angela Sutherland
After spending over 20 years on the editorial desks of some the leading magazine publishing houses of London and Sydney, Angela swapped the city frenzy for a Queensland sea change. Now owner and editor of Kids on the Coast and Kids in the City, she loves spending her days documenting and travelling the crazy road of family life alongside every mum and dad. When she’s not at her desk buried in magazine stories, you’ll often find her entrenched in a heated game of beach cricket, or being utterly outrun by her inventive seven-year-old and rambunctious threenager.