20 reasons why the Tooth Fairy didn’t come!

For a child, losing their teeth is one of the most significant milestones in their childhood. Plus, they get money for every tooth! At night, kids place their teeth under their pillow and eagerly wait for the Tooth Fairy to take the tooth and leave them some money. Sometimes, however, the Tooth Fairy doesn’t make it to your child’s room. Maybe a child stayed up late, or they woke up as soon as you entered their room. Or the most common reason is that you plain forgot and fell asleep, only to find a teary-eyed child to console in the morning.

Parents are usually quick to come up with an excuse for why the Tooth Fairy didn’t come. But in case you need some excuses, oops, we mean very valid reasons for why the Tooth Fairy didn’t visit, here are 20. You are welcome!


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20 brilliant reasons for why the Tooth Fairy didn’t come

  1. Your room was so messy the Tooth Fairy couldn’t find your tooth.
  2. She got lost in the rain.
  3. She could hear you waking up and quickly had to leave before you saw her! She’s not allowed to be seen.
  4. It’s our job to tell her your tooth fell out – oop,s we forgot to say to her!
  5. She doesn’t go out during a full moon… there are too many crazy people around.
  6. It was so hot and humid that her wings stuck together, so she couldn’t fly.
  7. Her bag of teeth was so heavy she had to go home to empty it.
  8. You went to sleep too late, and she couldn’t wait because she had to get to the next missing tooth.
  9. You woke up too early, and she didn’t have time to get to your tooth before you woke up – maybe sleep in longer tomorrow?
  10. The Tooth Fairy is on holiday, and You’llll be the first one she visits when she gets back to work.
  11. She collected so many teeth she ran out of money, so she’ll be back tomorrow.
  12. Ohh! She left the money on the kitchen counter because she was rushing to get home! She said to check your tooth is still in your room before you take the money so she can collect it tonight (then you do the mad dash to your wallet to get the money and put it on the kitchen bench before your child gets to it!)
  13. Santa needed her help last night to make the toys for Christmas.
  14. She was helping the Easter Bunny to make chocolate.
  15. The Tooth Fairy doesn’t like Halloween.
  16. It was her birthday yesterday, so she was busy celebrating with her Tooth Fairy friends.
  17. She was stuck in traffic. It was busy last night! She’ll probably come while you’re at school today.
  18. She was sick and didn’t want to spread her germs around.
  19. The Tooth Fairy boss accidentally gave her the wrong address!
  20. Your Tooth Fairy has swapped to the day shift for a while, so she didn’t come last night.

Tip: Tell your child that the Tooth Fairy prefers the teeth be placed on the bedside table rather than under the pillow. She finds it hard to find the tooth under the pillow, and she doesn’t want to wake the child. Nor does she want to be squashed if the child moves around in their sleep!

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