Facing separation? Peppermint Legal considers a fresh approach to resolution

It is not often you hear the words ‘kind’ and ‘calm’ when it comes to separation and divorce. But what if there was a fresh approach to family law? A firm that is entirely dedicated to helping people stay out of court, reach agreement and find their fresh start?

Principal solicitor and owner of Peppermint Legal, Rachel Ravell is passionate about bringing this new approach and experience for clients.

“I started the firm because I wanted to provide clients with a completely unique experience,” Ms Ravell says. “Separation can be one of the hardest times in your life and seeing a lawyer can be daunting. I want to make clients feel calm and supported while they go through this difficult time.”


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Resolutions that are amicable and respectful

Peppermint Legal specialises in out of court resolution options for separated couples. It allows them to sort out their parenting, property or divorce matters in an amicable and respectful way.

“I find most clients don’t actually want to fight. It’s emotionally and financially exhausting,” Mrs Ravell says. “I love helping clients use alternative processes such as mediation and collaborative practice to help reach a kind, calm and respectful resolution.”

Having worked in the legal industry for more than 14 years, Mrs Ravell has varied and unique experiences in law. She has worked as a Judge’s Associate, and been involved in complex litigation and government policy projects. As a wife and mum of two young children, she also understands the realities and dynamics of family life. These things help when discussing solutions with clients.


Peppermint Legal is not your ordinary law firm

As a certified collaborative family lawyer, Mrs Ravell has also undertaken specialist training to help people engage in a process that allows them to separate using the help of a ‘team’. This can include financial planners, counsellors and coaches.

Another major difference setting Peppermint Legal apart from ‘traditional’ law firms is how it charges. Mrs Ravell says most people get quite apprehensive when it comes to the cost of lawyers. However,  by offering ‘fixed-fee’ packages Peppermint Legal removes the fear of ‘hidden costs or nasty surprises’.

“Clients always know the cost for each step of their matter, which provides financial certainty about the work completed and upfront cost,” Mrs Ravell says.

“I never want a client to feel they can’t email or call for fear of being charged huge dollars for every six minutes of a lawyer’s time, which is the traditional way of costing legal services. I want the client to feel supported and heard.”


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What to do if you think you need family law assistance?

If you would like to know more or need family law help, Peppermint Legal offers a free (no obligation) 15-minute enquiry call. It allows the firm to determine if it can help you find your fresh start, and you to see if the firm will be a good fit. As a Sunshine Coast local, Mrs Ravell offers meetings online or in-person by appointment only.

Peppermint Legal can help you with:

  • creating certainty and clarity about arrangements for your children following separation
  • the division of property
  • divorce applications and process
  • DIY assistance – helping review documents, coaching, preparation for mediation.
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For more information about Peppermint Legal, visit the website.

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