Living seasonally: Teaching kids to get set for a Queensland summer

With such hot summers here in Queensland, the family house in summer is a completely different environment to that of winter. Shifting the house into summer mode is a fun task, and one that the kids can get involved in! It teaches them the difference between the seasons, and creates autonomy and independence. Plus, it also just ensures that they have everything they need for the warmer months and holidays.

If you are looking to get your kids more involved in house jobs, then here are six ways to get the kids involved with preparing your home for summer.


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Prepare bedrooms for summer nights

Whether your bedrooms get morning or afternoon sun, there are ways you can reduce the impact of warm weather on your room. Finding insulated kids’ room curtains will do a great job of sealing out the sun, and allow the bedroom to retain some of the cooler air. Clean your ceiling fans, so they can circulate air on those hotter, more humid days and nights. There can be nothing as oppressive as a humid Queensland night, so a smart curtain and fan choice can go a long way in improving the comfort in your children’s rooms.


Seasonal gardening in Queensland

Planning your vegetables and seasonal fruit can be a very rewarding process and one that you should absolutely be sharing with your little ones. Gardening teaches children about the environment they live in, how to plant and harvest food and just how self-reliant they can be. There is also the responsibility component that comes with watering the plants at the same time every day and learning about what signs to look for in growing fruit and vegetables.

Find out what fruit and vegetables can be planted in the warmer months, as you will have some disappointed children if all their hard work does not pay off due to planting in the wrong season!


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Designing a ‘summer favourites’ menu

We all have a taste that we can associate with summer and warm weather, and the kids are exactly the same! Rather than committing to finding new summer recipes to try, why not ask your children what they love to eat and let them design a summer menu with you? This exercise might uncover that they don’t really love potatoes, but they love roast vegetables. Give them a say in the summer flavours they want to enjoy, and see if you can link this activity with your gardening efforts so that they can see the full food cycle.


Putting away winter clothes

Turning over the wardrobe when winter ends can be a fun task, especially if your little ones have many summer outfits they are looking forward to seeing again. Dust off their togs and rashies, and those summer clothes that they associate with summer holiday fun. You can also teach them about treating clothes with care so that they can be used again in the future, as they assist with folding away winter clothes.

If your kids are still willing and able to help after packing away winter clothes, you can have them hang up summer clothes and give them creative control over how they want to display their clothes in their wardrobes and in their rooms.


Setting up Christmas decorations

It is time to deck the halls and transform the house into a summer Christmas wonderland. Your children’s interests may change every year, but Christmas is always exciting for the whole family. There are plenty of arts and crafts activities that your kids can partake in to create their own Christmas decorations and games, so give them creative reign to choose the tools they need so they can start creating festive magic.


Slip Slop Slap – Championing sun safety

Setting up a sun station near your front and back doors can really teach your children the importance of sun safety. Rather than keeping them in drawers or somewhere out of sight, have sunscreen, hats, umbrellas, and rashies readily available by the door so they can grab them without thinking. Even ask your kids where they would like to put them so it is easiest for them.

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