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The once-popular baby names no one wants to use anymore


Some of Queensland’s most popular baby names from 25 years ago are not even being considered by today’s new parents. However, there is at least one name that never seems to fall out of fashion.

Isla topped the girls names in Queensland, taking the prize from long-running favourite Charlotte. While Oliver remains the most popular boys name for the ninth year in a row, streaks ahead of second placed Noah.

Looking back at the popular names being given to babies in Queensland 25 years ago, you’ll find there were more girls being named Jessica (582) than the most recent favourite Isla (347). Back in 1996, the most popular boys name was Joshua (711) which was given to many more babies than Oliver (506).

Interestingly, Jessica didn’t even rate a mention on the Top 100 baby names for 2021. While Joshua just barely made it into the Top 50 most popular baby names for boys.

Six of the top 10 girls names in 1996 didn’t get a mention on the top 100 list last year. Of those that did, they ranked outside the top 20 — Chloe (21st, 168),  Georgia (24th, 157), Hannah (43rd, 121) and Emma (58th, 92).

Boys fare a little better. Of the most popular boys names from 25 years ago, Jack (seventh, 296) and James (17th, 227) are among the top 20. While Benjamin (35th, 156), Samuel (40th, 136), Daniel (81st, 81) and Matthew (96th, 65) still rank in the top 100 names from 2021.

There’s something about Jack

If you or your child is named Jack, you might appreciate how popular your name is. Jack has remained a favourite not just in Queensland, but in New South Wales and Victoria too!

Chloe is also a popular girls name in multiple Australian states. It appears in the top 20 lists for Queensland, NSW, Victoria and Western Australia last year.

Top 10 baby names in Queensland in 2021

  1. Isla and Oliver
  2. Olivia and Noah
  3. Charlotte and Henry
  4. Willow and William
  5. Mia and Theodore
  6. Ava and Hudson
  7. Grace and Jack
  8. Amelia and Charlie
  9. Matilda and Elijah
  10. Lily and Leo

Top 10 baby names in Queensland in 1996

  1. Jessica and Joshua
  2. Emily and Matthew
  3. Sarah and Daniel
  4. Samantha and Jack
  5. Emma and Thomas
  6. Courtney and James
  7. Chloe and Nicholas
  8. Hannah and Liam
  9. Georgia and Benjamin
  10. Lauren and Lachlan (or Samuel)

Does your child’s name make the list? What about your own name?

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By Angela Sutherland
After spending many years hustling stories on busy editorial desks around the world, Angela is now mum of two little ones and owner/editor at Kids on the Coast / Kids in the City. She is an atrocious cook and loves cutting shapes to 90s dance music. Angela is the editor of Kids on the Coast - a free family magazine whats on guide for Kids: things to do, school holiday fun and free activities for kids... Fun attractions, family food & travel, kids health & wellbeing, kids parties venues, parenting, pregnancy & babies, guide for parents. Servicing Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and beyond, Kids on the Coast is an online guide for parents with kids things to do with kids, schools and education and lifestyle news located on Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast & Brisbane, QLD.

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