Great cooking games for preschoolers

Teaching kids to cook can be a hugely rewarding experience for both parent and child. Not only do kids get the satisfaction of learning how to make something, but it is also fun! But that fun doesn’t all have to take place in the kitchen. Cooking games – both online and offline – provide the best of both worlds. Games found online help children to build better memories and develop their cognitive skills, meanwhile offline games teaching kids how to cook allow them to use sensory exploration and engage in creative role-play. Together, these activities provide the perfect platform to teach kids to cook.


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Great cooking games for kids

A safe and un-messy way to introduce young kids to the fun of cooking can be by playing games. Here are three great cooking games for kids.

PBS Kids Food Games is an excellent way for parents and teachers to get young children excited about eating healthy. Help Bert and Ernie in their Super Salad Diner, decorate birthday cakes with Peg and Cat, or find out where different food comes from with Cookie Monster. This collection of fun-filled cooking games all form the basics of healthy eating, compiling meals and having fun in the kitchen!

Cake Doodle is a super-fun, game that little chefs will love. It’s the perfect way for kids to start finding their feet in the kitchen—from choosing from several cake recipes to putting these ingredients together to bake a cake. The main part for many is decorating: with dozens of icings and decorations on hand, there’s something to make everyone happy! But the real reward lies in the act of taking huge, joyful bites out of your delicious masterpiece—go ahead and give it a good ol’ tap!
Available on iPhone and iPad.

Issa’s Edible Adventures is an innovative app that is sure to be a hit among passionate foodies and novice cooks alike. Issa embarks on her international culinary journey every episode, gathering ingredients from around the world to use in her scrumptious recipes. Perhaps the most special part of this app is its origin story—inspired by renowned chef Aliya LeeKong whose passion for creating global and socially conscious meals that can be enjoyed in everyday cooking brings an extra level of care and respect to the process of meal-making.
Available on iPhone and iPad.

If any of these games are blocked on your device due to region limitations, you can use VPN services for online gaming to bypass regional blocking. With it, you can easily download any application on your computer or smartphone and be safe while surfing.


Other ways to encourage kids to cook

Watch cooking shows

Spending time watching a cooking show on television together is a fab way to get kids interested in cooking. There are so many different teaching styles and types of food featured in these shows. There’s sure to be something for everyone! Not only will your children get a visual idea of the cooking process, but they can also be inspired to create their own meals. They also illustrate the correct use of utensils and safety precautions during food preparation. With further discussion on how food reaches our tables, children can also gain knowledge regarding farming and other aspects of healthy eating.

The kitchen is a place for creativity

Cooking in the kitchen with preschoolers is a fun and educational way to nurture their creativity and explore new flavours and textures. Involvement in cooking teaches children how to follow instructions, measure ingredients, identify cooking utensils, set the table, and even use safety tools like oven mitts. Additionally, cooking allows children to unleash their imaginations by helping them find unique ways to finish recipes like adding fun toppings to a pizza or sandwich. This not only promotes sensory development but brings out their unique personalities and tastes too!

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Design a special menu

Inviting kids to reflect on the different types of food they have seen gives them a chance to come up with something special that they would like to make. Parents can help their kids express their ideas by taking them shopping for the right ingredients and supervising them as they use knives or other kitchen tools. Little ones will love turning ingredients into an appetising meal before helping set and decorate the table. This hands-on approach gives children the opportunity to explore different styles of cooking while being creative and adventurous when it comes to trying new foods.

Cooking with kids is an excellent way to practice safety, promote creativity and spend some fun bonding time together. And when it is a fun, shared activity, it’s the best time to instill lifelong lessons about nutrition, hygiene, and healthy eating habits.


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