What's the best sport for preschoolers?

Looking for a fun sport for preschoolers? We chat to Alex Ollier from Little Kickers Sunshine Coast to find out why football (soccer) is the perfect sport for little ones.

What tips do you have for parents starting their kids in a sport for the first time?

Let children be themselves, that’s all we can ask! We recommend nothing but encouragement from parents for their child and they will be pleasantly surprised as they sit back and watch their little people grow as, not only little athletes, but little humans!

What makes football (soccer) such a great sport for preschoolers?

Football is a fantastic sport for preschoolers because children of all abilities can enjoy the sport. It helps stimulate coordination, balance, agility and also help fine tune important gross motor skills. It also helps children learn the value of sharing and being a part of a team. With football being the number one sport played across Australia for all ages, it’s no surprise that it is the most popular sport for kids to undertake.

How do you keep the kids engaged and make the classes fun?

We carefully organise our sessions to cater for every individual class and age group. As children at this age have a smaller attention span, we are constantly changing activities and games to keep the children engaged. Our enthusiastic coaches plan these sessions with a positive and motivated attitude!

What makes a good preschool sports coach?

The perfect sports coach for me has to be enthusiastic, motivated, patient, and most of all – FUN!!


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