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4 awesome kids books for November 2023

Looking for a great book to share with the kids? Here are four awesome kids books released this November that we have on repeat right now.


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4 awesome kids books for November 2023

Butterfly Girl

By Ashling Kwok and Arielle Li

Butterfly Girl Front Cover

Butterfly Girl by Ashling Kwok and Arielle Li is a touching tale about a young girl named Olivia who adores her butterfly pals.

Olivia faces the tough situation of moving to the gloomy big city from the countryside, where her beloved butterfly friends live. But she doesn’t let the city’s greyness get her down. Instead, Olivia plants vibrant flowers in her garden and teaches others to do the same. This brings her butterfly friends to the city and spreads happiness to her new friends.

This fantastic book reminds us of the beauty of adding colour to our lives, and the illustrations are so wonderfully drawn and coloured that they’ll captivate any reader. What makes this story even more remarkable is its poetic style and how it brilliantly portrays the common challenges kids face while growing up.

In Butterfly Girl, Ashling Kwok and Arielle Li show us the importance of sharing joy and colour with the world, a message perfect for young readers.

Picture book for ages 4 – 8 | $24.99


Xander and the Pen

By David Lawrence and Cherie Dignam

Xander and the Pen Front Cover

David Lawrence’s second book in this captivating series takes us on an enchanting journey. Meet Xander, an ordinary boy with an extraordinary passion for drawing superheroes. One day, he stumbles upon a mysterious market stall and buys a seemingly ordinary pen. Little does he know that this pen holds magical powers beyond his wildest dreams.

As Xander starts to use this enchanted pen, life takes an exciting turn for his family and friends. However, as the saying goes, ‘with great power comes great responsibility,’ and the pen’s magic soon brings unintended consequences into their lives.

In this riveting tale, watch as events spin out of control, throwing Xander into a whirlwind of unexpected challenges. Xander faces tough decisions that will shape his destiny with each twist and turn. David Lawrence weaves a spellbinding narrative that will keep you turning the pages, and you’ll be eager to discover how Xander tackles the hurdles that lie ahead.

For ages 8 – 12 | RRP: $16.99


Riz Chester. The Fingerprint Code

By R.A. Stephens and Em Hammond

Riz Chester the Fingerproof Code Cover Best Kids Books for November 2023

Riz Chester, our young hero, has an insatiable passion for forensic science, making her a one-of-a-kind detective among her friends. Riz springs into action when something mysterious disappears, rallying her friends and unleashing her trusty fingerprint tools. The catch? No one is willing to spill the beans about what’s gone missing! It’s a puzzling mystery, and the plot thickens when they stumble upon a strange mark in the music room. But is it really a fingerprint?

This kids book keeps you on the edge of your seat with its intriguing plot and showcases a neurodiverse lead character, giving readers a fresh perspective.

Ages 6 – 10 | RRP: $12.99



By Crystal Corocher and Margeaux Davis

Giovanni Front Cover Best Kids Books for November 2023

Prepare to embark on an extraordinary high-seas adventure in Giovanni. This true story is a modern twist on classic tales of maritime exploration, starring none other than four-year-old Giovanni. His journey could have marked the end of his life, but instead, it led to the beginning of a brand-new adventure in the captivating land of Australia.

What makes Giovanni even more special is its bilingual narration, making it a delightful read for kids eager to explore both English and Italian. This heartfelt migrant story beautifully weaves together courage, discovery, and the endless possibilities of a new beginning. If you’re searching for an enchanting and educational adventure, Giovanni is a must-read that will have you and your little ones setting sail for a world of wonder.

Picture book for ages 4 – 10 | RRP $24.99

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