Be a zookeeper for the day at Australia Zoo

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work as a zookeeper?
Well, get ready for a day on the wild side at Australia Zoo and become a Zookeeper for a day!

Australia Zoo believes in ‘Conservation through Exciting Education’ and what could be more exciting for a budding zookeeper than spending a day meeting some of the amazing animals and finding out first-hand what it is like to work in a zoo? By the end of the program, the zoo’s passion for wildlife and conservation will inspire every budding zookeeper to do what they can to help protect the environment.

Because many of the Zookeepers for a Day come back time and again, the school holiday programs include some different activities every time.

Here’s an idea of what to expect:

Khaki Discovery!

Young animal lovers aged 6–10 years old have the chance to experience what it takes to care for animals in a zoo. This could include working alongside the experienced keeping staff to prepare or feed out some delicious food, clean animal habitats or provide some exciting enrichment for the animals to interact with.

All that hard work will be rewarded with a chance to get up close with some amazing wildlife! The Zookeepers-in-training learn about the fascinating features different animals have and find out why animals are so important for the environment.

A wombat has an average top speed of 40km/h and could outrun Usain Bolt over 100 metres!

Khaki Extreme!

For older wildlife enthusiasts, aged 11–15 years old, Australia Zoo offers the chance to gain an understanding and appreciation of what’s involved in working in one of the world’s most renowned zoological and conservation facilities.

The Zookeepers-in-training can also look forward to meeting some of the Ambassador species, learning about the challenges facing animals in the wild and finding out how they can make a difference. During the day they may visit the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital, quiz the Wildlife Warriors or be inspired by the passionate keepers.

“My daughter is a pretty quiet personality, but she was BEAMING with excitement when we picked her up and didn’t stop talking about DJ the Rhino and cleaning the snakes’ enclosure and watching them feed (she loves reptiles).”

Khaki Explorer!

For the youngest zookeepers, Australia Zoo also offers the Khaki Explorer program for ages 4–6 years old. With a parent or carer along for the experience, the littlest explorers will have the chance to meet some of the Zoo favourites and chat to real life zookeepers about what they do every day.

An Echidna’s tongue can be up to 18cm long!

If your zookeeper has energy to spare at the end of the program, they can continue the adventure and re-enter the Zoo until it closes! And as if the animals weren’t enough, they can wrap up their day by burning off some energy on the new jumping pillow, cooling off at the water park and refuelling at the Lolly Shop and Ice Creamery.

“They taught me things I didn’t know! I love that the girls can have a great day out on the holidays but still take some education out of the day. Great job by all involved, including behind the scenes. I will definitely be recommending the day to all my friends. From one very happy mum!”

Zookeeper for a Day programs often sell out, so book in advance on the Australia Zoo website ( or call 07 5436 2000 for more information.

Kids don’t have to have all the fun! Custom Zookeeper for a Day programs can be booked throughout the year (excluding Queensland school holidays). It’s a great way for friends and family to make memories together.


Want to share Australia Zoo’s passion for wildlife every day? Check out these great resources for your own Wildlife Warriors to use at home.
The Visionary Wildlife Warrior program gives young people aged 4–17 years the opportunity to learn more about vulnerable and endangered species, their natural habitats and how to help conserve them. The visionary wildlife warriors can also complete conservation missions in their own communities or earn prizes for their fundraising and awareness actions. To sign up online visit

Crikey! Club offers a chance to find out what happens behind the scenes, get updates on our rescue missions and take an in-depth look at our research projects. Crikey! Club is the ultimate video hub for all wildlife enthusiasts. For access to Crikey! Club and a subscription to Crikey! Magazine visit

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