Bespoke cloth nappies now available for childcare services

Over the past three years, Cottontail Nappy Service has been hard at work successfully preventing over 300,000 disposable nappies from going into landfill by replacing them with cloth nappies.

“We started with homes and thought, why stop there? We need to get our childcare centres onto this!” said Ashley Costello, co-owner of Cottontail Nappy Service.

Cloth nappies are not what they used to be. Newly improved Modern Cloth Nappies (MCNs) make changing babies just as easy and efficient as with a disposable.

“There are so many reasons for a centre to cloth,” said Ashley. “Along with reducing your carbon footprint and landfill output (making your centre more environmentally appealing), cloth nappies are also deemed to be better for our babies. With no harsh chemicals or plastics, they are much softer on the skin which can prevent common issues such as nappy rash. There is also a lot of claims that clothing your baby makes the transition to potty training much easier. This is definitely something we know toddler carers would appreciate!”

Cottontail offers personalised bespoke prints for their MCNs. “Each centre has their own uniquely designed nappies, designed to capture each childcare centre’s individuality,” said Ashley. “We are a very affordable choice to a centre’s disposable nappies. We have a free promotional Childcare Package Bag available to all centres this month, contact
us for your bag!”

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Written by kidsonthecoast

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