The supersized play bricks we ALL want right now!

Creative play encourages social and emotional development during childhood by integrating feelings with tasks. Through creative play, children develop skills such as problem-solving, redefining space and materials, communication with others involved in their play and thus, negotiating skills to allow their creative vision. Kids also develop their mental growth via opportunities for experiencing new ideas and new ways of thinking.

It is hard to describe creativity but it can be seen as the process of self-expression and this may help children in expressing and coping with their feelings. Creative activities help them in acknowledging and celebrating their uniqueness and diversity: children enjoy and learn through play.


The new PlayEdo supersize play bricks are locally made from non-harmful or toxic materials and are completely recyclable. These jumbo cardboard building blocks are sturdy and durable: besides, the range has been designed for both together play and solitary play. They are safe to use, with no sharp edges or points, light weight, durable and adaptable. 


Play Edo brings children together bridging the awkwardness for the shy and the socially challenged. The bricks have been designed for teamwork and together play, the “team sport” of the play world. 


The supersized play bricks help enhance physical activity and improve brain health through STEM style learning and problem solving. They promote healthy social interaction: these bricks are truly suitable for every child and have been specially designed with the 6 main types of play in mind.

  • Exploratory play: explore objects and toys, rather than playing with them – feeling and looking. Through this type of play, children learn about their world by exploring shapes, colours, sizes, and textures. PlayEdo is great for exploratory play, being supersized and tangible.
  • Cause-and-effect play: play with toys that requires an action to get a result. PlayEdo Bricks are a great cause and effect aid, teaching children that their actions have effects and giving them a sense of control in their play.
  • Toy play: learning how to play with and use toys in the way they were designed. The Play Edo individual kits, offer a blueprint to create something magical such as a fort, a tower, an elephant, or a giant elk for Christmas.
  • Constructive play: self-explanatory and a huge aspect of the PlayEdo Brick ethos, children create and build things. Helping children develop motor skills, practise problem-solving, and enjoy being creative.
  • Physical play: Movement play is an important part of development and one Play Edo loves to see involved with the bricks… build a limbo bar, or involve them in an obstacle course.
  • Pretend play: Children use their imaginations during pretend play. With Play Edo they become shop keepers, knights guarding a castle, explorers riding an elephant.

Designed to be suitable, inclusive, and respectful for all children, including those with learning challenges and/or special needs: they are supersized and don’t require excessive fine motor skills when handled. 


Playing with your child

By helping your child’s play develop, you also help your child learn and practise new skills and abilities.

Skills like the ability to explore one’s environment, mimicking others, sharing, taking turns, empathy, communicating clearly, etc. When you play together, you can model types of play as well as the skills of play for your child: Play Edo bricks are supersized, making it easier for parent involvement.

Play Edo Australia has placed a great deal of care into ensuring its Australian made product, respects the traditional Indigenous founders of our great land sharing the idea of play as togetherness. 

Play Edo Australia proudly shares the same belief as to the Aboriginal people, and that is the importance of using traditional and organic materials, along with recycled materials to create toys to amuse and to educate.


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Written by Angela Sutherland

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