School readiness program has kids supercharged for Prep

For those parents with little ones starting Prep next year, school readiness is on everyone’s mind. Thoughts of how their child will go on the first day of ‘big school’ may already be looming. New routines, unfamiliar faces, and a whole new environment can all cause anxiety for both children and parents.

Typically, a brief tour and orientation day are all that bridge the gap between kindergarten and Prep. But what if your child could feel comfortable and confident on day one?

Sunshine Beach State School understands the importance of a smooth transition to Prep and offers a year-long Prep Transition Program and school readiness program designed to do just that.

We spoke with Bec Kennett, the school’s Prep Transition Officer, to learn more about this program.


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Q: When does the Prep transition program begin?

A: The program starts in February and runs throughout the year. Each term, the school offers a variety of Prep transition events designed to introduce children and families to the world of Prep. These include parent information sessions, showcase lessons where children participate in typical Prep activities, and story time sessions in the Prep classrooms. They recently had a teddy bears’ picnic when children played in the playground with their favourite teddy bears and participated in fun activities.

While the children are engaged, parents have the opportunity to network with other families and chat with staff, fostering a sense of community and support. The overall goal is to ensure a happy and smooth start to school life, not just on day one but throughout a child’s entire educational journey.


Q: Why is such an extensive school readiness program important?

A: We firmly believe the year-round approach reaps significant benefits. This enables future Sunshiners to immerse themselves in the school’s culture. They become familiar with school staff, the playgrounds, the permaculture garden and other learning spaces.

Embracing the school’s Glasser philosophy, students forge meaningful connections with their educators and support personnel, ensuring a smooth transition on the first day. During interviews, children who may require additional support are identified and this is provided in Term 4 of the preceding year.

This, combined with the school readiness activities that they will do at kindergarten or at home, can make a huge difference in their confidence on that first day.


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Q: And how does the weekly playgroup support this?

A: In addition to the scheduled transition events, the school has its free Sunshine Discovery Playgroup (formerly Sunshine Bush Playgroup) held every Wednesday morning in the beautiful permaculture garden. The weekly playgroup setting allows families to build essential connections with the school community. By the time Prep rolls around, the children confidently enter their classrooms, excited about the year ahead, often alongside friends they made at playgroup.

Sunshine Beach State School’s Prep Transition Program offers a comprehensive and nurturing approach to starting Prep. With year-long exposure to the school environment, teachers, and routines, your child will be prepared and confident for their first day of big school.

Child Watering Plants at Sunshine Beach Playgroup Part of the School Readiness Program

The Sunshine Beach playgroup is a key part in school readiness and Prep transition.



Key Prep transition events at Sunshine Beach State School

  • Thursday 18 July, 3.45 – 5 pm
    Parent information session #3 (repeat)
  • Thursday, 8 August, 9.30 – 10.30 am
    Street Science
  • Thursday, 5 September, 9.30 – 10.30 am
    Storytime in a Prep classroom and Parent workshop
  • Thursday, 10 October, 9.00 – 10.30 am
    Parent information session #4 (repeat): Open to parents of children commencing Prep 2025
  • Wednesday, 23 October, 9.00 – 10.30 am
    Ananse stories (African culture music)
  • Tuesday 12 November, 8:45 – 10.30 am
    Orientation morning: Children are in classrooms, and parents are able to purchase uniforms.

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Enrolments for 2025 are open now. Outside catchment area applications are welcome.



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