Young minds break boundaries at RoboRAVE

Climbing vertical surfaces, battling in sumo arenas and navigating labyrinthine mazes were just some of the weird and wonderful things seen at the annual RoboRAVE Australia robotics competition on the weekend (July 15 & 16). UniSC Stadium was electric with more...

What is RoboRAVE?

Ever wondered what is RoboRAVE? Yep, us too! The kids are coming home from school wanting to be involved. But what exactly are they doing? Well, we break it down for parents here - in simple terms!   What is RoboRAVE? RoboRAVE is an international series of...

FREE activities for kids at World Science Festival Brisbane

Feeling the pinch? Yep, the cost of living crisis is brutal right now. But don't let that stand in the way of the kids experiencing the wonder that is World Science Festival Brisbane (WSFB)! This year there are loads of FREE activities for kids at WSFB. Over the...
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7 AWE-STEM toys for 2020

7 AWE-STEM toys for 2020

STEM toys are definitely top of the shopping list for kids at the moment. Here are some of the best STEM toys for...

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