Hold an epic space kids party at this Brisbane indoor play centre

So, you’re knee-deep in the chaos of organising a kids party—the joy, the mess, and yes, the stress. But hold up, because guess what? Right in the heart of Brisbane’s south, there’s a stellar space-themed indoor play centre that you can snag exclusively for two hours for the ultimate birthday bash.

This intergalactic playground is a place where imagination runs wild, elevating your kid’s birthday from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

We took a behind-the-scenes look at this unique spot to determine whether it lives up to the cosmic hype. Can this out-of-this-world venue deliver a birthday party that will be the talk of the playground?


What is the Fun Spaceship?

The Fun Spaceship is the brainchild of the unstoppable Georgiana Karam, the super-mum behind the impressive Australian Early Learning College (AELC) right next door.

Located in beautiful Heritage Park and used by students of AELC when they need it, this indoor playground and party haven is not your run-of-the-mill kiddie paradise.

Opened in 2014, Georgiana crafted this space with a singular mission: to make kids’ parties great again. And guess what? It’s been doing just that since day one. From secured parking to parent-friendly amenities, the Fun Spaceship has you covered inside and out.


What is at the play centre?

Put simply, this is the ultimate playground for maximum fun vibes. There are air cannons for some out-of-this-world shooting action, UFOs and rockets to conquer, a rock climbing wall for the little adventurers, soft play equipment for the tiny tots, and to top it off, a colossal slide that’s bound to get the excitement levels soaring. It’s a playground paradise, custom-made for every budding space explorer.


Kids Playing Together at the Fun Spaceship Brisbane

The fun is interstellar at the Fun Spaceship, Brisbane. Credit: Supplied


Party packages at Brisbane indoor playground The Fun Spaceship

Now, let’s look at the details because that will take your kiddo’s special day from basic to blast off. They have a lineup of private party packages to ensure your dream celebration becomes a reality.

The Fun Spaceship boasts a five-star kitchen led by a team of professional chefs who whip up a spread that’s not just for the little tykes but also satisfies the discerning taste buds of us grown-ups.

For events with food orders, plates and napkins are supplied, or bring your own if you would like themed ones. Tables and chairs are provided, and if you require additional seating, arrangements can be made upon request.

When you hire the space, it is exclusively reserved for your event during the agreed-upon time. Therefore, Georgiana suggests considering a joint party if you want to save money.

“When you’ve got the whole venue at your disposal, teaming up with another family is not just a budget-savvy move but a great way to share the planning and a surefire way to create enchanting memories together.”

“Also, ensure you lock in that food order well in advance, including dietary requirements. Nobody wants a last-minute culinary chaos throwing off the groove. And think ahead and communicate any gift etiquette. It’s worth setting the record straight with your guests beforehand to dodge any awkward confusion on the big day. After all, a little pre-party prep goes a long way in ensuring your celebration is nothing short of spectacular.”

Create your own space-themed party bags

Instead of the usual lollies and cheap plastic toys, these space-themed play-dough kits are the perfect take-home treat for the kids.

  • Sampler pot of blue play-dough
  • Star and moon sparkles or shapes
  • Metal star cookie cutter
  • Small toy wooden rolling pin
  • All packed into a calico or paper bag

Party organisation checklist

  • Confirm venue
  • Draw up the guest list
  • Decide the date and time
  • Send invitations
  • Order birthday cake
  • Plan and buy party bags
  • Confirm party food


This Brisbane indoor play centre is excellent for kindy excursions, too!

The Fun Spaceship is not just your go-to party palace but also an absolute gem for group excursions and is loved by educators looking for that perfect day out.

Nestled in the secure confines of Adam and Noah College, it’s a playground where safety meets play-based learning. Imagine shepherding your students in the security of a private, fully enclosed playground—it’s not just fun; it’s an adventure of learning and a haven for uninterrupted play.

Are you worried about dietary needs?

Fear not.

The Fun Spaceship has you covered with various packages, including catering options catering to any group’s dietary requirements. So, rest assured that your students will not only have a blast but also indulge in a bit of educational play, all within the stellar setting of The Fun Spaceship.


Kids on the Slide at the Fun Spaceship Indoor Play Centre in Brisbane

Kids on the slide at The Fun Spaceship indoor playground. Credit: Supplied.


Large events and functions at this Brisbane indoor play centre

Another game-changer for Brisbane families is that Heritage Park Entertainment Centre is right next door. Combining this with the Fun Spaceship creates the city’s first-ever family-inclusive function space. Say goodbye to the usual function scene and let your next gathering be memorable, with the kiddos enjoying endless fun in the connected indoor playground.

The Heritage Park Entertainment Centre boasts a five-star kitchen helmed by a squad of culinary maestros. From private shindigs to corporate soirées, this open-plan space at the heart of upscale Heritage Park is a chameleon, ready to shape-shift to fit the vibe of your next function.

With state-of-the-art sound and stage technology, you can sit back and relax as HP Entertainment Centre elevates your event to a new level.

In the dazzling landscape of party venues, the Fun Spaceship emerges as the undisputed star, redefining the art of celebration for families in town. From its cosmic-themed play haven to the culinary delights served by its five-star kitchen, every detail is perfectly orchestrated.

Georgiana Karam’s vision of “making kids parties great again” has not just materialised—it’s become a reality that families can really take advantage of.

The joint celebration option, the exclusive playground, and the meticulous attention to detail make it more than just a venue; it guarantees that your party will be nothing short of legendary. So, if you’re searching for a celebration that transcends the ordinary, where magic meets reality, the Fun Spaceship is your ticket to an out-of-this-world party experience. Strap in for the cosmic celebration of a lifetime!


130 Waller Rd, Heritage Park | 07 3054 1054 | funspaceship.com.au


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