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5 tips for preparing for a family holiday

You’ve booked a family holiday to Australia… yay! To ensure that every step of your trip – from preparation to arrival – goes without a hitch, check out this guide.

Travelling to Australia is wonderful for kids of all ages. Travelling can be an adventure for the heart and the mind. There is tasty food, attractions and sights to see, not to mention wonderful bonding time as a family.

However, taking a family vacation with kids to Australia can be a challenging experience. Erratic routines, lengthy packing charts, and grumpy kids are just a few of the difficulties you might face!

It’s necessary to be totally focused while choosing a family vacation that includes children. The number of options could be confusing in the early preparation stages.

\After all, you would relish every minute of travelling the globe with your youngsters and making a lasting impression in the process.

Family Walking on Beach

Family walking together on the beach. Credit: Canva.com


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Tips for organising a family holiday in Australia

Listed below are some simple guidelines to make your experience of traveling with kids a success.

1. Choose a destination for your Australian family holiday

Start by making a list of everyone’s interests and all the things you like to do as a family. There’s no point going to the mountains if nobody likes to hike or mountain bike! Also include anything new you might like to try and the key sights that everyone would like to see

Australia is a very big place and kids get grumpy on long road trips, so pick a base that has everything you want within a few hours and focus on what’s feasible. And of course, what budget you have.

South-east Queensland is a popular destination, and it ticks all the common Australian activities.

The Sunshine Coast is home to some of Australia’s best beaches. Here you can also Cuddle a koala, learn to surf, feed a crocodile.

The Gold Coast is Australia’s favourite holiday destination, crammed with theme parks and kids activities. But it also has a stunning hinterland with some of the country’s best rainforest walks and unique experiences.


Family Holding Pineapples in Front of Their Faces

Family holding pineapples in front of their faces. Credit: canva.com


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Where to stay on your family holiday in Australia

There are countless options when it comes to accomodation for a holiday in Australia, but this list shrinks a lot when also catering for children.

Hotels are a popular choice, but if your family is very large, you might want to think about renting an apartment, condo, or guest house.

Some rental companies, like Rentola, specialise in family-friendly accommodations. If you have a limited budget, renting an apartment is a fantastic choice. You can utilise the kitchen to reduce the expense of eating out. Plus, fussy eaters are catered for without all the stress of finding food to suit everyone!

Also, if you are travelling with extended family and need room to spread out, as well as a common area for family time, renting an apartment might be your safest choice.

Mum and Daughter in Red Car by the Beach on Holiday in Australia

Mum and daughter on holiday. Credit: Canva.com


Establishing a budget for your family holiday

Make a decision how much you want to spend at the beginning of the planning process. This will make planning much easier, as some things will always fall outside that budget.

As well as day trips and experiences, set aside a daily budget for meals, drinks, souvenirs and transport.

Start putting money aside as early as possible. Consider setting up a dedicated family vacation fund, and be realistic about the amount you can put into the fund on a weekly or monthly basis. The wonderful thing about saving this way is that the earlier you start, the faster you can achieve your goal!


Kids will be kids

No matter what country you are in, kids will always be kids. Their daily needs and safety will always come first. So, don’t try to cram in too much. Stop at the playground, build in time for downtime and playing games together. And of course, stay extra vigilant watching them, wherever you go. Adventures are exciting; kids get distracted and can easily wander off.

And the number one rule for a family holiday in Australia, especially if you go to the beaches – always swim between the flags.

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