Dreaming of a white Christmas? Here’s how to recreate one on the Gold Coast

Think we can’t have a white Christmas because we live in the southern hemisphere? Think again fellow Queenslanders! Because with a little magic, it can be pretty easy to recreate the merriment and wonder of a white Christmas for you and the kids this year!

Here are some some Santa-riffic suggestions to help you make Christmas 2022 an unforgettable, wintery experience for the whole family to enjoy. Yes, even on the Gold Coast you can enjoy a magical (makeshift) white Christmas.


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Recreating a white Christmas on the Gold Coast

Find your warm, Christmas spirit

Preparing for Christmas can naturally involve a lot of thinking, hunting, and copious amounts of gift wrapping. You can start off by finding some great Christmas gifts for your kids to help add to their anticipation in the lead-up to December 25th. Maybe even gift them an advent calendar to add a little holiday fun to the whole month too!

Of course, finding your family’s Christmas spirit can extend so much further than just getting presents for yourselves. Generosity is one of the defining values of Christmastime. Which is why looking for ways to give back can be a great way to prepare for the holidays. Seek out opportunities for your family to volunteer within your local community. Even something as small as visiting a retirement home to spend some time with the residents can do a lot for spreading some joy this merry season.

Visit some Christmas-themed local attractions

There are plenty of local community activities on the Gold Coast to create that magical Christmas feeling. Even some big-name attractions that you can visit in order to get your fill of a thoroughly white Christmas.

For families with theme park passes, why not spend a day or two at MovieWorld’s speciality White Christmas attraction? Featuring Santa’s Village, a White Christmas Parade featuring all your favourite Looney Tunes and Warner Bros. movie characters, and a myriad of other Christmas-themed shows, experiences, and activities for kids of all ages, MovieWorld’s White Christmas is sure to inject plenty of magic into your family’s Christmas celebrations this year.

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Enjoy wintery Christmas treats

Christmas is the time for seasonal treats like gingerbread, sugar cookies, eggnog, and virtually anything else that can be enjoyed with copious amounts of cinnamon or nutmeg. You can easily bring a little wintry wonderland to your own Gold Coast Christmas by making sure that your Christmas spread includes some of these timeless Christmas-time treats. Add a little dusted sugar for an additional spot of winter magic.

That being said, it won’t be a Christmas on the Gold Coast without some traditional Aussie Christmas treats on the table as well! Make sure that Aussie Christmas favourites are well represented in your Christmas Day spread with a classic pavlova. For savoury dishes, consider some grilled prawns, roasted carrots, and the classic baked Christmas ham.

For a white christmas-style dessert, you also can’t go wrong with a quintessential spiced Christmas pudding. You can enjoy your pudding with either flambe or sans flambe. But with kids around and it being bushfire season, we recommend keeping the flames to a minimum. And we probably don’t need any extra warmth in December!

Decorate a dusted Christmas tree

One of the funnest ways to enjoy a white Christmas from the comfort of your own home is to simply invest in a dusted or purely white Christmas tree for your living room this holiday season. White Christmas trees can be a breathtaking centrepiece for your home’s Christmas decorations. And there’s no really no better way to get the kids feeling excited about Christmas than by hanging up and decorating your Christmas tree.

Opt for brightly coloured lights and baubles to make your tree really pop. Your kids may even choose to make their own ornaments, paper chains, and other decorations to add an extra personal touch to your tree decorating this year.

If you and your kids are fans of playing with miniatures, you may even choose to create your very own snowy Santa’s village at home to complement your dusted tree. And if miniatures aren’t your thing, then you can easily swap out this wintry Christmas decor idea with a fantastically constructed gingerbread house, complete with a snowy roof and dust on its window panes.

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Swap the snow for some sea foam

Finally, there are more ways to have a white Christmas than just seeking out snow-capped mountains. For most of the northern hemisphere, Christmas is a time to appreciate any sources of warmth. It’s all about taking stock of all the gifts the year has brought. Not just the material gifts.

When you think about Christmas in this way, it’s clear to see how lucky we are here in Australia. We have such an abundance of warmth every Christmas, and plenty of time to enjoy everything that our own holiday season has to offer. So why not swap out your search for snow and instead find your own uniquely Aussie white Christmas. In the foamy waves that come to meet you on the shore, the fizzy fizz of an iced glass of lemonade, or the froth of a cold beer! This is a white Christmas done the way that only we Aussies really can.

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