4 Sensational books for your spring reading list

The arrival of spring often signifies fresh starts and a reprieve from the cold weather. With the warmer weather, new blooms poking through the soil, bird song in the air and signs of new life everywhere, spring is certainly a magical time of year.

As a book lover, the new season offers a chance to start something new. These books for adults are sure to make you feel renewed. Pop them on your spring reading list.

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My Best Friend’s Exorcism

by Grady Hendrix

Spring Books

This is my perfect pick for the spooky season. The story centres around Abby and her best friend Gretchen. It begins with an innocent sleepover and ends with Gretchen disappearing after a skinny dip in the lake. After Abby spends the night looking for her, Gretchen is found completely naked just before dawn, wandering by a creepy old shack in the nearby forest. After this, everything changes. Abby is left trying to convince everyone that Gretchen has become someone (or something) else.

Fans of the 1990s black comedy crime film, Jawbreaker might appreciate My Best Friend’s Exorcism. There is also a sprinkle of Mean Girls and Scary Movie type themes throughout. There is gore and teenage angst. My Best Friend’s Exorcism had me reminiscing my teenage years and being grateful for my girlfriends.

This book is a little different but definitely entertaining. Of course, if you want to skip the words, it is now also a movie on Amazon Prime!

The German Wife

by Kelly Rimmer

Spring Books

This historical fiction story follows Sofie and her husband Jurgen, a German scientist whose research into rockets becomes weaponised during World War II. The German Wife navigates the family’s attempts to escape Germany to America and begin a new life. The problem is, stories of Jurgen and Sofie’s unwilling involvement in the war follow them, making their new life in Alabama difficult.

It’s a story that tackles a lot of difficult issues and Kelly Rimmer handles them with honesty and care. I enjoyed reading this novel from the angle of what life for a German who didn’t back the regime was like during that time. It was equal parts enlightening and depressing. Even if historical fiction is not your usual choice of genre, this book is nothing short of brilliant and suspenseful and you won’t be left disappointed.

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Book Lovers

by Emily Henry

Spring Books

Book Lovers is one of those books you just don’t want to put down. The story follows Nora – a hardworking literary agent who is all work, little play – and a very cut-throat dating checklist. After feeling disconnected from her pregnant sister Libby, she agrees to  Libby’s plan to take a trip to Sunshine Falls – the setting of one of their favourite books ever written. A month-long sister getaway turns into a slow burn romance when Nora runs into her rival Charlie Lastra, who also happens to be in Sunshine Falls at the exact same time.

Emily Henry has a knack for creating excellent back and forth banter between her characters. You’ll find yourself laughing out loud. Henry also does a brilliant job of building suspense in the relationship between Nora and Charlie – especially in the spicy scenes. If romance is your thing, Book Lovers will be one of your most favoured books this year!

When Breath Becomes Air

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by Paul Kalanithi

Spring Books

This book is quiet simply one the most beautiful, yet heart breaking reads I have encountered. Ever.

It is a memoir written by Paul Kalanithi – an exceptional neurosurgeon who is diagnosed with terminal cancer at the end of his residency. He discusses his life, his experiences as a surgeon and his subsequent diagnosis, treatment and death. His raw and honest observations on the world, his life and his choices, I feel, are so brave.

Personally, I found When Breath Becomes Air hard to read but feel better for having done so. I will advocate for this story and recommend it to everyone.

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