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Sunshine Coast Grammar School logoSunshine Coast Grammar School is a unique learning environment set on a beautiful 100-acre site with its own lakes and rainforest.

Sunshine Coast Grammar School is an independent, co-educational, Christian-based school for children from Prep to Year Twelve.


Established in 1997, the school is committed to excellence and offers an outstanding comprehensive education for children based on individual care and attention. In this way, the School provides a high quality academic learning base and premium cultural and sporting programs set in a supportive environment, enabling students to reach their individual goals.

Sunshine Coast Grammar School is a community that prides itself on its connectedness, creating a place where supportive and caring relationships with peers and educators are established and nurtured by students throughout their time at school.

Sunshine Coast Grammar School recognises the importance of preparing students to contribute locally, nationally and globally in the 21st century, and equips its students with the necessary digital tools to enhance and transform their learning. Such innovation, creativity, collaboration and problem-solving skillsets are a vital requisite for the future.

The school’s outstanding staff, world-class curriculum and online learning environment provide students with the right opportunities and challenges to enable them to reach their individual levels of excellence. The school aims to assist students to grow through learning to become self-motivated, confident, disciplined and responsible adults and future leaders, making positive, individual contributions to society.

Sunshine Coast Grammar School recognises it a great privilege to partner with families in supporting the educational journey of their children.


PHONE: 0754454444



By Tanya Nissen
Tanya is mum to two teenage girls and is the Production Manager for Kids on the Coast/ Kids in the City. She has experience working in the print & digital publishing industry for a number of years with skills in keeping the production schedule organised, social media and website design. When not being taxi-Mum to her girls, Tanya enjoys camping, reading, digital scrapbooking and boating.

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