This Sunshine Coast Early Learning Centre has busy parents cheering!

Struggle to fit everything into a busy schedule? What if your early learning centre also provided a swimming lesson each week?

Let’s face it, the parenting juggle is c-r-a-z-y, and fitting everything into a busy week often seems impossible. Yet, one thing that we always ensure to somehow squeeze into every child’s week is swimming lessons. Enjoying the beachside Sunshine Coast lifestyle means that learning to swim isn’t a maybe, it’s a must.

Well, take a well-earned breather because, understanding the juggle is real NCC early learners Buderim and Nambour centres have incorporated a weekly swimming lesson into their NCC early learners program for children from 2.5 to 3 years old.

“With a Learn to Swim pool complex operating right next to our Early Learning Centre at Nambour, we knew adding swimming lessons to our Early Learning program was perfect for busy Sunshine Coast parents who would like their child to learn to swim whilst they are at work,” explained Bronwyn Taylor, Head of NCC Early Learners.

“At NCC early swimmers we know the importance of keeping children safe, being confident in and around water and assisting swimmers to take it to the next level,” Bronwyn continued.

The NCC Learn to Swim program is led by professional instructors and provides a range of group learning and developmental classes catering for all ages and abilities.

“At NCC early swimmers our focus is on the care and wellbeing of your child, teaching them essential safety skills, developing water confidence and strokes with our highly experienced and professional teachers,” said Bronwyn.

And parents from the early learning centre are thrilled with the addition!

“Having my children safely attending the NCC early swimmers program whilst at early learners has been invaluable,” said mum Jodie. “The early learning program at NCC is already fabulous, but knowing that my daughter is now also receiving a quality swimming lesson each week whilst I’m at work is a lifesaver – in every sense of the word!”


The Learn to Swim program at NCC

Even if your child doesn’t attend NCC early learners Buderim or Nambour, they can still attend swimming lessons at the NCC early swimmers pool from six months old.

The NCC Learn to Swim program begins with the Wonder Infants Program, where songs games and activities are used to teach children a range of skills including floating, breathing, entries and water confidence.

Following the Wonder Infants classes, children graduate onto the Courage Program which is run without a parent in the water.

“As the Courage classes are run without a parent in the pool, moving into the Courage Program is based on many things rather than simply age,” said Brandon Lambert, NCC early swimmers Manager. “Before we graduate a child to this level we will assess not only their ability, but will also consider their emotional and cognitive functioning.”

In the Courage Program children learn kicking and paddling arms, advanced safety skills and safety returns, and gradually move through a range of swimming skills such as floating unassisted, breath control, streamline swimming and stroke development.

“Classes are purposely kept small throughout our Courage program,” said Brandon. “This way we can ensure that each child has maximum teaching time possible.”

Following the Courage Program, children graduate onto the Active program, where they learn advanced stroke development, correct body position and technique, lateral side breathing, and refining the key swim strokes: freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke.

By the time children graduate the Active program, they can each swim 200 metres continuously combining 50 metres butterfly, 50 metres backstroke, 50 metres breaststroke, 50 metres freestyle, all using correct stroke techniques and competition turns.

“We are very proud of our Learn to Swim program,” said Brandon. “Being a technique based, progressive learning swim school, families love the relaxed, nurturing environment, and kids really enjoy the fun approach to swim proficiency.”

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