7 delish recipes to celebrate National Lamington Day

An Aussie icon, the Lamington is certainly something worth celebrating.

But did you know these much-loved coconut treats now come in all shapes and sizes? From fruity and healthy to decadent and sticky, the humble Lamington has had a makeover. Here are our favourites!

Cherry Jam Lamington

Peter Gilmore, Masterchef legend does it again, with the most extravagant of Lamingtons ever seen. A light sponge, surrounded by cherry ice-cream, and topped with frozen shavings and a whipped coconut cream… seriously To Die For!

Click here for the recipe.

Picture credit: tenplay.com.au

Gluten free Lamingtons

gluten free laminations

Can’t eat gluten? Don’t let that get in the way of a good Lamington! Here is a delicious gluten-free recipe that is simple to make and has less calories than the regular version. Win-win!

Click here for the recipe.

Picture credit: healthyfoodguide.com

White Chocolate & Raspberry Lamingtons

white chocolate laminations

The pinnacle of the Lamington world, this version is decedent and delicious. With a white chocolate ganache and a raspberry cream filling it is simply DIVINE. Yum, yum… and triple yum!

Click here for the recipe.

Picture credit: notsohumblepie.blogspot.com.au

Strawberry Lamingtons

strawberry lamingtons

Light, fluffy and deliciously fruity, we love the combination of traditional Lamington and strawberry icing. Perfect for those who don’t like the heaviness of chocolate, or simply fancy a change!

Click here for the recipe.

Picture credit: delicious.com.au

Lamington Doughnuts

OMG, surely the Lamington can’t get any better, but then it met the doughnut!

A delicious variation on a classic, that isn’t quite a doughnut, and isn’t quite a Lamington, these Lamnuts (or maybe Doughtons?), are a winning treat for National Lamington Day.

Click here for the recipe.

Picture credit: www.stockland.com.au

Healthy Lamingtons

healthy lamingtons

Don’t want those moorish little squares to demolish your healthy eating endeavours? This recipe is a great healthy alternative without sacrificing taste.

This recipe is gluten free, grain free, dairy free and even has a fructose-free option for any Paleo people.

Click here for the recipe.

Picture credit: wellnourished.com.au

Cheat’s Lamingtons

cheats Lamington

Can’t be bothered to bake? Here’s a super-quick recipe using a store-bought sponge cake and simple icing mixture. Easy-peasy!

Click here for the recipe.

Picture credit: delicious.com.au

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